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Proactol XS Review

Sayonara XX-Large section!

It’s common for many of us to head straight towards the XX-Large section of any store whenever we go to buy any clothing. If there is anyone accompanying us, it makes us feel really embarrassed. It doesn’t really help if that individual has a specimen-body like that of Zac Effron or all those fitness icons so common nowadays.To solve the problems you can get through the Proactol XS Review and get the benefits of using it.

Joining a Gym seems the only option sometimes but what’s treadmill compared to the sweet-n-sour carbs, succulent McDonald’s or King Burger? Sure a few days can be wasted on a treadmill and the temptations are kept at bay. But for how long?

A Week, two weeks? The temptation is controllable. Week 3, “Perhaps a cheat diet”, won’t really hurt. Week 4, Cheat diet becomes Compulsory. Week 5, “What the hell! How can an instrument dictate my freedom!” and, thus, starts the Revolution to break the Resolution (pun intended).

Even though the words “Revolution to break the Resolution” may create a comic effect, the effect on our precious body is much more significant. We start eating as usual and all the while, the glycogen continues to get accumulated in the body. The Liver suffers, fat accumulates under your skin and you start trying very hard to tuck that plump tummy in just so that you can seem normal.

While it’s perfectly natural to have cravings, in today’s world of advancement, having that round-figure is just not the right thing. To be the center of all the puns, being poked at just for the sake of fun makes one feel as if there’s no justice left in God’s beautiful world! But let’s be honest for a sec here, even when we take up a resolution to break a bad habit, how many of us really make it through to the finish line?

For us, sometimes achieving a fit body, let alone Greek-god appearance becomes a near impossible task. While Relaxing, Popcorn and “Netflix and chill” seems perfectly normal, reasonable, there are side-effects too!

“Ignorance is a Bliss” and “There’s always a Tomorrow” are the words many of us rely on when looking at a mirror and thinking or rather pondering about going to a Gym or a regular morning walk, starting swimming and cycling.

But let’s delve into the life and problems of a typical “obese”. Well, none of us are “obese” right? we just live a little more than others that’s all. But anyway, let’s dive:

You Just Can’t Understand!

  • The Pants Don’t Fit: Yeah, that’s a classic. There’s got to be a bigger size. But what if there’s not? Oh, the Horror! Those deep breaths every now and then because the pants don’t properly fit. That alone should strike a bit of fear. If not, there are more.
  • Oh, just wait up will you! : People who have an excessive fat accumulation in their body cannot move properly. They have low stamina. Low Immunity and Low Endurance. Try running 400 meters with all those curves!
  • Man-Boobs : That extra fat accumulation in the chest? That serves only as a source of constant embarrassment.
  • Low Confidence: It’s really guaranteed. If someone is constantly nagging you, you are bound to get irritated but if people talk about your non-ideal figure, your tummy and other “swelled” attributes behind your back and you know about it, it’s bound to lower your self-esteem. It’s bound to make an impact on your confidence and thus your life.
  • Diabetes: There is always a chance of becoming a diabetic. And once afflicted, it’s yours for life. The significant other in your life may not follow the traditional “till death do us apart” but diabetes surely will!

The treatment for diabetes is costly, stamina and endurance will never be built unless you are resolute on shedding those extra pounds and you cannot gain that self-esteem back unless you really do something about it (and here ‘it’ means those curves).

If all these are not enough, then perhaps another might quench the thirst?

  • Depression: Low self-esteem, Low Confidence, social embarrassment- You have Goombah Trifecta for depression there. Depression can lead to something very serious and we all are aware of it.

The list of problems of obese people go on and on but from the aforementioned few points, you get the idea of lifestyle of a typical “carb-loving”, “chicken-nugget-munching”, “Netflix n’ Chill-ing” man with curves.

Save Us O’ Merciful One!

So, what’s the remedy? There must be some, right? Hold your horses a bit, there are many:

  1. Exercise: At least 40 minutes of it a day, under proper supervision can do wonders. Jogging, Swimming, Cycling, Skipping and all those various Cardio exercises can go a long way in ensuring a healthy life. But Wait a Minute! We have already established that not have the will-power and tenacity to see it through. After all, they can and leave the Gym for their beloved “carb”.
  2. Proper-Balanced Diet: Balanced-diet is a diet which has all the necessary nutrients and vitamins required by our body on a daily basis. A myth says that every human must consume fruits and vegetables of seven colours daily to stay healthy. Wells, Deep-fried chicken wings are “brown”, Popcorn is “white” and Cola is “black”. You have 9 colours (taking white as a mixture of seven colours) their boss!
  3. No Food After 6 pm: But, but Narcos and House of Cards are all prime-time shows. How can one be expected to watch them without having some Tummy Backup?
  4. Roughage in Diet: Roughage are those food materials which cannot be properly digested by the body. The trick, however, lies in the fact that they aid in digestion.
  5. Surgeries: There are plenty of artificial methods that can help. There’s Liposuction, Laser Liposuction, LipoSelection, Tummy Tuck, Gastric Bypass etc. There was even a documentary done on a subject whose Oesophagus was connected directly to the small intestine so all the food could direct pass to absorption phase instead of storage in the stomach. The subject did get the required result. But one has to wonder, are these really viable options? After all, anything can go wrong during or after the surgery. The Operation itself might not work.

Show us the way!

Among the listed popular methods, we have ruled out exercise and proper diet because let’s face it, not all of us are the strong-willed filmy heroes and heroines. So What to do now? Operations are risky and Roughage cannot be consumed in large quantities.

But what if there was a way to mix the effect of roughage and operations? What if there was a way such that the extra food we eat, specifically the fat, doesn’t get absorbed by our body?

Perhaps There is…

Fat Binders may be the answer. It can be considered as a combination of Operations and Roughage without involving the hassle of the operations. Fat Binders restrict the accumulation of fat in your body by combining the fat in your food into molecules large enough to prevent absorption by the body.

In this regard, chitosan has shown promise. Chitosan is a substance synthesized by the treatment of crustaceous animal shells (like the shells of shrimps, lobster, and crabs) with alkalis. Now don’t go collecting lobster and shrimp shells next time you see one!

The Shells of crabs and lobster contain a certain chemical called Chitin. Chitin is a close relative of glucose. It is a polymer. So anyway, Chitin when treated with alkaline substances like say Sodium Hydroxide yieldsChitosan.

Now there, there, don’t go around that you are Walter White ( Breaking Bad ref.) even though it may seem elementary chemistry.

Chitosan has a variety of uses. It is used in the field of agriculture and horticulture, wine making and other biomedical uses. But what is of concern is that it has been shown that it has a certain ability to reduce fat absorption in the body.

Enter the Hero!

Bauer Nutrition, a well-trusted name in the supplementary industry, brings you the solution to your problem. The solution is the form of Proactol XS.

The advantage with Proactol XS is that you can enjoy your nuggets even when you are using this. Munch on your food, the same food which your gym instructor would have said a strict no. The same food whose value to you rivals the value of “The Ring” to Smeagol in Lord of the Rings. “My Precious!”

Proactol XS is clinically tested. It’s safe to use and is being used by many.

Fat Binders present in Proactol XS help you reduce your fat and at the same time your Cravings. Just pop 2 pills before you take a major meal and you are set! Proactol XS helps improve your digestive system and as they say, the path to a good-mood and jolly-heart always passes through a clean n’ healthy stomach.

Thus, the pills will help you with your XX-Large problem and once you start noticing the changes you know it’s just a matter of time before you get back your former-self.

Head onto the Website. See the Results for yourself if you don’t really believe this article.






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