Meratol Review

How often have we all come across the term “fatso”? Obesity is a real problem today. “Fat shaming” and “Body shaming” are a common thing now and it doesn’t really help your moral if you are on the receiving end of it. There are those among us who know how to answer back to those trolls and roasts and then there are those among us who just accept the way it is.To lead a healthy life and to solve the problem of obesity you can have  MERATOL and can have the benefits of using it.

There are also those who like take to action. They want to lead a better life.They take up activities to lose their chubby figure and take everyone by surprise.

Regardless, just like ‘obesity’ is real, the problems that arise out of it are also very real. It won’t really help if you sit back on your couch and relax, take a sip of coke or enjoy good ol’ potato mashed pie. Continuing to do so may result in you reaching a level where perhaps you might not even need a table. That protruding, that bulging stomach may suffice the need of a table.

The case of Eman Ahmed serves as a painful reminder of what “obesity” can lead to.

There are ways to avoid that of course. For instance, taking up a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a suitable body clock, eating proper food can all help. But in due course, we tend to come up short.

There are also artificial and safe ways to treat obesity. Some of them may even be clinically tested and proven, with ample cases to back the claims. One such relatively new way is Meratol.

Mera… What?

Meratol. It is a product brought to you by Bauer Nutrition. Meratol is useful in the sense that it helps you in spot-reduction of weight from your bodies.

How does it work?

Metabolism is a process by which our bodies survive. It is divided into two categories-

  • Catabolism: The chemical reactions in our body by which the fat and other sources get burned to provide us energy. In short, destructive metabolism.
  • Anabolism: The opposite of catabolism, these are the sum total of all chemical reaction which leads up to the storage of energy in our body. In short, destructive metabolism.

What Meratol does is that it speeds up the metabolic process so that we can lose fat faster. Meratol speeds up our digestive system in an effort to cause less storage of fat.

Generally, when we try to reduce our body weight, we come under the risk of low immunity. Meratol works well on that front too by providing a boost to our immunity. Even then, weight loss and diet can lead to immense craving.

Cheat diets are a common concept. Their effect is highly debated. It is common for someone to gorge up much more than intended in a cheat diet session and then feel guilty about it. Meratol helps you in that regard too. It aids in decreasing your cravings by lowering your appetite.

The caffeine present in it helps you in getting the much-needed energy.


The ingredients of any product are of paramount importance since it is the ingredients that make the product work and contribute to its success. So what’s in Meratol?

Opuntia or prickly pear powder, also known as Cactinea powder. It’s an extract from cactus plant and helps you in your weight loss. But the presence of a member of the cactus family in Meratol doesn’t just end there. Meratol contains Nopal. While opuntia may be famous for its use in Indian cuisines, Nopal is its Mexican cousin. The duo helps you not only fat loss but also in curbing your want for extra food.

Meratol has brown algae, specifically, Ascophyllum nodosum. This is seaweed commonly used for human consumption. The brown algae present in Meratol helps you in maintaining your metabolism and at the same time your immunity so that you can remain safe while you start to look better in the mirror.

Alfalfa is something that is a good source of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K (required for blood clotting). The presence of Lucerne or Alfalfa in this product is essential since it aids in increasing the rate at which the food you ingest gets digested.

A bonus here is the presence of caffeine in Meratol. Caffeine, as you may be aware, is present in coffee. Ever had a wonderful feeling after a cup of Joe in the morning, that burst of energy and feeling of being awake that is required to kickstart your day? Well, the caffeine present in Meratol provides you that. It gives you that energy.

Capsicum Extract. Chillipepper called capsaicin is present in Meratol. This is particularly beneficial for you since it accelerates your thermogenesis and thus aids you even further.


The typical recommended dosage of Meratol is two pills in the morning. This is should be accompanied by large quantities of water intake. It’s not recommended to take Meratol before you go to sleep.

However, one must be wary to not use Meratol for a period of time before surgery. It’s not for those who are pregnant or for children either.

Where can I get it?

Meratol comes in 1-month supply pack containing 60 capsules and you can easily but it from Bauer Nutrition or Amazon and get it delivered to your doorsteps. There are many offers that these sites give their customers from time to time.

Why should I buy it?

Well if you are looking for reasons to buy Meratol then perhaps this section is especially for you.

  • It’s Organic.
  • It’s Clinically tested and safe.
  • It increases the rate of your Thermogenesis.
  • it gives you your much-needed endurance.
  • It provides you energy.

Does it help?

The product is endorsed by “The Only Way is Essex” fame Lauren Goodger. The customer reviews on the homepage of Bauer Nutrition are all good. Many have been satisfied by the use of Meratol. But if one were to hop to Amazon, one could easily spot a few customers who are not satisfied with what Meratol offers. Though the majority of reviews are positive, there are those who consider this product to not be that effective. Users like Renata Koby have found it not up to their expectations.

It may be because not all of us are same, not all of us have the same body. Either way, Meratol has worked with the majority of customers and star endorsements like that of Lauren Goodger do mean that Meratol is not just another product that the medical industry is using to fool you.

The Other Side

Just like it is with any other products, Meratol too has its downside.

  • There’s no surety of Meratol.
  • It banks on celebrity endorsement.
  • Not all contents in Meratol are scientifically proven. Some of them are just traditionally used as a remedy.

So what now?

Meratol has worked for many and many users are now living a better life. But let’s be clear about one thing, you expect results. Meratol alone cannot carry you the whole way, there has to be some commitment from you to achieve your goals, be it possessing a Celebrity like a figure or be it just becoming normal again. Just like you expect Meratol to work, there are certain expectations from your side too. Meratol can only do so much. If you continue to gorge upon those tasty and luring burgers, pizzas and doughnuts, you are just setting yourself up for failure. So get off that couch, push yourself a little bit at least out of your comfort zone and you will see that this product can get you where you truly want to see yourself.

Where do we stand?

Till now, Meratol has managed to get featured in reputed editions like Day Break and Daily Mail. It enjoys a good position on Amazon’s List of Best Seller in Household Category. But one also has to note here that Meratol was also challenged by ASA, that’s Advertising Standards Authority.

Also, we can say that there are many other products from well-reputed companies. Some that have an even better record than Meratol itself. Examples of which include products like Lipzene, African Mangoes, Orlistat and others like Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean Extract and recently Garcinia Cambogia Extract which is considered quite effective.

So investing your time and money in such endeavors like Meratol is not perfectly logical.





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