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Have you ever seen Sumo Wrestling? The Sheer size of the Sumo Wrestlers is enough to knock the living daylights out of someone. Their diet consists of a special something called Chankonabe. It’s a great serving in a giant pot. The Chankonabe is essential for them.To solve the problems you can get through the Capsiplex Review and get the benefits of using it

But that’s not the topic under discussion.

The problem doesn’t lie in the fact that the size of sumo wrestlers is enormous, the problem is when you look into a mirror and realize that you are on your way of going out of proportions of the mirror itself. Today’s generation prides itself on fitness and properly sized figures. Proper in the sense that the tummy must never be protruding.

And so after a round of motivational films and videos, we rise up, with fiery eyes, ready to look the beast in its eyes and overthrow it. The beast here being that excess fat that has managed to find asylum in us. But alas, motivational videos and pictures of men flaunting six-pack abs can only work so far.

Eventually, The Clown and Colonel Sanders become the Glorious Victors of a battle destined to be lost, let me rephrase that, a battle destined to be hopelessly lost by us poor souls and before we know we are gorging on King Size Burgers, Popcorn, Cola, Chicken-wings, Chicken-nuggets, and whatnot. You get the idea, right?

Not many can create a routine and adhere to it. That’s a sincere statement right there. And there’s nothing wrong in being embarrassed in that. Not all of us possess that willpower that produces heroes and fitness icons like Bret Azar, Lazar Angelov, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hugh Jackman or Bollywood Heart-throbs like Hrithik Roshan and Vidyut Jammwal.

Thus, ends the tale of a valiant warrior.

Instead of saying “Hi” to a new body, we just welcome back our old friend- Dear Mr. Love Handles. Love Handles are a sign of the low quality of health. They are easy to catch hold of but difficult to get rid of- your typical next-door bad habit.

But Love Handles are not the only thing to worry about, calorie goes unburned as we sit on our couch hour after hour, days after days and just eat and work (definition of work may vary!). Those unburnt calories get converted to Glycogen and get stored under our skin.

Normally, that required if you live in cold conditions, but not many of us live in Alaska or Frozen Tundra or Antartica for that matter. Hence, there arises a need to get rid of these calories, achieve a fitter and better form if not a Size 0 or Six-pack sort of form.

But to do that, one must understand how the fat storing mechanism really works in our body.

I work This Way.

Let’s have a Recap of High School Biology, you know how the digestive system works. The basic knowledge will suffice. The process that’s important starts after that, after the absorption of the food materials in our intestines.

Our body has glands in it, glands of two types- Endocrine Gland & Exocrine Gland. Pancreas is a dual gland, meaning it acts as an endocrine as well as an exocrine gland. There is a part of pancreas known as Islets of Langerhans. This part of the pancreas is further characterized by the presence of three kinds of cells:

  • Alpha Cells: These cells produce a certain substance called glucagon. Mr. Glucagon is responsible for the conversion of stored glycogen to glucose when the concentration of glucose falls in our bloodstream
  • Beta Cells: These cells secrete Insulin. Insulin, as you may be aware, is very important. If there is excess glucose in the bloodstream, Ms. Insulin here comes to your rescue.
  • Delta Cells:

To Scientific? Well, the pure and simple English is the enzyme Glucagon helps in storing glucose from your food as glycogen in your Liver.

So, while you may think those Beef-steaks and Bacon with extra sauce is actually just changing you from the outside, trust us dearie when we tell you, the well goes way deeper.

So What? It’s just a bit of Fat.It can’t be all that harmful.

Let us give you just an Idea of how it might affect you.

  1. The Liver: Liver is one of the most important organs of your body. Liver in a new-born and foetus is responsible for the production of RBC ( the main component of your blood). Among its many other functions, it acts as a grave-yard for the worn-out RBCs in an Adult and also helps in clotting of blood. So when your body starts to store extra fat in form of glycogen in your liver, you can very well guess how damaging it might be for you.
  2. Overall health: With the accumulation of excess fat, your growth and progress get retarded. You start to feel sluggish, lose your edge over things and become lazy. This not only takes a toll on you but also adversely affects your behavior. Subtle changes in Behaviour determine your relationship with others.

So do you get the idea why it’s all so harmful?

It’s only logical for a someone to think of a solution. The solution, huh? Solutions like Cycling perhaps? Or perhaps Cardiovascular exercise, some yoga to go with it. If we were all that cautious then perhaps we would not have needed all the remedial steps now. If only…

It’s Not too Late yet!

You’ve heard that it’s “better late than never”, right? Well, in this case, one can only hope that it’s true. Risking your health is not a good thing to do. I mean sure, those French fries are delicious and extra-large bucket has its appeals. But munching on them for too long will make you lose your appeal to the opposite gender.

At first, we may consider a few common options. Common options like:

  • The Dreaded Treadmill: Start week 1, run some, rest some. Then move on to Crunches. After a round of jumping jacks, you are out, flat out, KO! Come on! Let’s be realistic, setting aside the logic from all those movies, how many of us can really continue with the rigorous regime?
  • Some Cyclingperhaps? There’s nothing like the feeling of that fresh cold wind against your face, filling your lungs and urging you forward. Cycling is a cardio exercise that not only burns those extra calories but also improves your stamina, endurance and tones your muscles. Get on a bike in the morning and just let go of yourself and enjoy. Cycling combined with other cardio exercises like Skipping Rope and Swimming can be really effective.
  • Power Yoga: Yoga can be a powerful and effective way to lose those flabby love handles and make sure that your clothes fit you with ease. Traditional yoga poses like suryanamaskar, Purvottanasanaor upward plank, the boat and bridge oses, Trikonasana can help you a lot.
  • Green Tea: The precise effect on green tea on our body is a matter of debate. Derived from Camellia sinensis leaves green tea has long been regarded as good for liver, skin and overall health. Green tea can help you lose abdominal fat. Those it’s a bit debatable, one thing is for sure that when it comes to overall fat reduction, the effects of green tea are a little less than average.

Now we are not perfect. Even if we manage to go through the cruel gym routine, complete the Pilates rounds, sip some green tea in the good ol’ morrow and cycle for 40 minutes, there still remain certain gaps in our ordeal that prevent total success.

Coupling all the efforts with something that could help you go the needed distance can be beneficial. That something, in reality, is a calorie burner. As the name may suggest, these burn the extra bit of calories that may have accumulated in our bodies in due course.

What’s the Edge?

Now typically calorie burners may refer to cardiovascular exercises. But here, by calorie burners, we mean certain common and completely natural substances that help you shed those unwanted pounds.Calorie burners can mean the difference between “fat” and “fab”. Don’t get afraid of the name. It won’t burn you!

When needed the stored glycogen and fat is converted to glucose, courtesy of Ms. Glucagon and her friends. The excess fat is oxidized. This produces the energy that our body needs. In scientific terms, burning is essentially oxidization and hence, calorie burners.

Now, what are these so mysterious things?

Have you ever heard of Aphrodisiacs? It has no relation to the topic at hand but can be used as an example. Aphrodisiacs make you sexually aroused. Common examples of aphrodisiacs include asparagus which is available in perhaps every household. Avocado, chocolate, and coffee can also be considered as examples of the said chemical.

Coming back to the topic at hand, Calorie burners are those food items which help you in your quest. Capsicum, for instance, contains a group of substances called capsaicinoids, which when ingested in considerable doses over a certain period of time cause weight loss.

The hot n red pepper can actually produce so much heat in your body that you start to gain momentum in your fight against weight loss. Surprising, isn’t? But don’t start jumping just yet, capsaicinoids is present in hot pepper in low concentrations. So low that in order to actually start showing effects, you would have to consume large quantities of it daily over a long period of time.


So what now? We have a solution, well more or less. We need to have capsaicinoids also need a proper source for that. The normal amount of pepper consumption ain’t gonna cut it! But then there are solutions to that too!

There are a few advertised sources of capsaicinoids out there. Capsiplex from Bauer Nutrition, for instance, can be the ideal candidate. Capsiplex is one of the relatively new warriors of Bauer Nutrition against Obesity. It is a very good source of capsaicinoids.

A Solution, Finally!

So here we go, Capsiplex becomes your ideal helpmate. But why Capsiplex? Why not use any other product? Afterall, there are many out there in the market. What makes Capsiplex so ideal?

Well to answer that, let’s look at its ingredients:

  • Capsicum extract: Capsiplex, as obvious, contains capsicum extract. This makes it useful in reducing body mass and those irritable flabs.
  • Piperine: This is one of the traditional ingredients that help you with your problem. Piperine is present in long pepper as well as black pepper and aids in tackling ailments like constipation, even diarrhea, and diseases involving diseases involving the gastrointestinal
  • Caffeine: Caffeine present in Capsiplex gives you an extra bit of energy. It’s like a bonus. You get to reduce your body mass an at the same time enjoy your life and live more with that extra bit of energy, focus, and alertness in you.

Capsiplex is the clinically tested, innovative and at the same time safe and secure answer to your “chubbiness”-woes. It increases your metabolism and helps in improving your digestive system. So there you go, be it your cheat diets, your negligence towards maintaining your tummy or your regardless want of fast-food, just 1 capsule of Capsiplex weight loss pills can help you lead ‘the beautiful life’ without any guilt or worry.

Go try it yourself if you don’t believe us. See for yourself the words of those who have used this wonderful product and are living a better life now-



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