CBD Oil Review – Things You Wanted to Know

Medical marijuana is something that many still debate. After all, the prospect of passing off a stash as being beneficial to health is lucrative idea. But the truth to medical marijuana is buried deep within all the infamy courtesy of itself. But beneath all the lies and fabrications, there is indeed some component of cannabis or marijuana that can benefit your health. As to how and why is what we shall determine in this article. You will also get to know about CBD oil reviews  and how it can helps in your life.

But to understand that you first need to know the biology of cannabis and all that it is and how it acts. Thankfully, you need not look any further than this article. We assure you that after you have read through, all your queries regarding cannabis and whether there indeed is something called medical marijuana will be answered.


If you Google it up and look it up on Wikipedia, you can find exactly what it is but all they use is big words. We are not going to that here. We are going to explain it all to you in easy, in simple English. Cannabis can get you high. True. But there’s a reason for that. a specific chemical to blame. It’s called THC (it stands for tetrahydrocannabinol). What’s interesting is that cannabis has more chemicals in it, many not fully discovered yet. THC is the most abundant. But there is one other chemical called CBD (stands for Cannabdiol). While THC gets you stoned, CBD does not. In fact, we are going to discuss CBD in a short while.

There are many varieties of CBD that are cultivated. A skilled cultivator would know how to manipulate the amount of THC and the amount of CBD in you marijuana. As a matter of fact, they do it all the time. In most parts of the world, marijuana is illegal. The very possession of it is enough to land you behind bars. But certain states do recognise its potential benefits. There marijuana is legal as long as it contains less THC and more CBD.

How it acts?

Like everything else, if you are going to get affected by cannabis, you need receptors. There are two types of it in our body exactly for that. They are labelled- CB1 and CB2. The whole system is called Endocannabinoid system.it might seem that the terms are getting a bit out of hand, but bear with us a little.

THC can effect both these receptors directly. That’s what causes the adverse effects. Bu CBD, unlike THC, cannot directly put influence over these receptors. It modulates the receptors. Because of this difference in effect, THC can cause a wide range of unwanted (sometimes wanted) effects like the high, fatigue and dull senses. But CBD increases the chemicals which react with cannabinoids which is why it can be used in a good sort of way. It can not only influence the said receptors but also a wide range of other receptors all over the body.


Now let’s come to the chemical that is the main point of discussion. As mentioned earlier, CBD stands for cannabidiol. The chemical formula is fairly complex and long. So let’s just skip it. CBD does not directly impact the receptors, which is partly why it is good. The other reasons why it is considered good in the medical field are plenty. But as a start, it does not get you high.

The Sunny Side of Marijuana-CBD.

Numerous studies have been conducted to see whether CBD does live up to the hype or not. After all the trials and testing, CBD has emerged as a potential candidate for unconventional treatment of many diseases and disorders. Here we have listed a few of those.

  • Non-Psychoactive: CBD, unlike its older brother is non-psychoactive. What do we mean by that? CBD does not give the “munchies”. You have THC to blame for that. it would not get you stoned. THC can cause you to OD, but CBD will not because it does not get you high in the first place. That relaxed feeling you get when you take a hit? You won’t get that with CBD.
  • No Addiction: One of the worst things that an addict has to deal with when in rehab is the urge to relapse. Sometime, just giving in seems so easy, so liberating. CBD never does that to your users. You can never get hooked on CBD. If you start to take CBD as a treatment for any disorder, then when the time has come, you would be able to get off just as easily. CBD won’t make an addict.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: CBD has been known to have anti-inflammatory effects. Studies conducted in to this matter have all yielded positive results. If you have intestinal inflammation, then CBD can help you with that. There are numerous tests that bear evidence. As a matter of fact, the use of CBD in treating inflammation is being considered now-a-days.
  • Neuroprotective: Bet you had now idea of it, did you? But studies have found that CB can help in preserving nerve functions. It can protect the nerves and receptors in our body and can also help in regeneration of degraded nerve tissues. CBD can help salvage your nerve tissues if you are suffering from a neuro-degenerative disease. Recent studies have found that CBD can be used in treating disorders like Parkinson’s and even Alzheimer’s.
  • Diabetes: Now this one can come as a shocker. If you yourself are a diabetic (we truly hope not) and all the treatments and medicines, syringes and insulin has been getting you nowhere, then perhaps it is time that you give CBD a shot at treating you. Quite the unconventional treatment for a very common disorder. But how does it helpyou in treating diabetes? Well, you remember how we just told you that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects. It has shown potential in effectively treating the horrible disorder and in time even curing the patient completely.
  • Mental Disorders: CBD can be used in treating a wide-range of mental disorders starting from autism to even schizophrenia. Unbelievable, right? But it does not just stop there. CBD can be used in treating PTSD, Bipolar Disorders, Psychosis even. There are some who have resistance to anti-psychotic drug treatment. For them CBD can be a way out of their misery. THC has been known to cause schizophrenia and here we have the little brother making amends. CBD studies where patients were divided into groups for placebo and real treatment showed that those who received CBD in regulated doses had become better. CBD had promising result in treating these mental disorders.
  • Painkiller: CBD has anti-inflammatory effect. By this point it should be clear to you. But one more advantage of that interesting effect is that it can effectively mask your pain and thus provide relief for a short duration of time. So what are the advantages of CBD over you conventional over the counter painkillers? CBD does not produce any adverse effects. You can get addicted to painkillers but not to CBD.
  • Epilepsy: Epilepsy is a dangerous condition. In spite of many advancements in the field of medicine and many cutting-edge tech, none can totally cure epilepsy. The one who suffers from this has to find out the trigger, which is not an easy task. There are a few devices like the electric headband which have proven effective, but at one point, you have to wonder how long can these devices last or haw safe are they really? Thankfully, CBD gives you another painless and easy path. While CBD cannot fully cure epilepsy, it goes a long way in treating the patients and reducing the frequency of episodes.
  • Migraines: Migraines are sudden attacks much like epilepsy. You feel a rush and then it’s like everything is amplified. The light appears brighter and the sound louder. Not the hangover you want. Migraines can last from just a couple of hours to days on an end. Just like it is with epilepsy, migraines also are caused by a trigger. While the research conducted on this particular is a bit limited, you have to note here that it is positive. When there is a sudden migraine attack, you tend to go to usual ibuprofen. But studies have shown that CBD, not purely CBD can be useful and even more effective in treating migraine than your average ibuprofen.

Which Ones to Look for?

There are specific strands of cannabis which contain a high amount of CBD. The numbers have increased over the past years and we wouldn’t be surprised if we come across a new strain which contains more CBD. But for now, the best known strands are as follows:

  • Canna-Tsu.
  • Ringo’s Gift.
  • Harle-Tsu.
  • Sour Tsunami.

These are just few of those names in a long list.

Our Take.

Medical Marijuana in form of CBD oil, properly processed, has potential to be one of the best natural remedies to many disorders which do not have medicines. But the thing is that not much study has been conducted into this specific subject. All the evidence, the results and takeaways have been listed in this article but more research is surely needed.

The fact that cannabis enjoys a special place of disgust in the hearts of many does not help the case of CBD. But one thing is for certain, the popularity of CBD in the medical community is rapidly growing. It won’t be long before we hear that CBD oil is perhaps one of the best natural ways to cure many diseases after all it has the capacity to be so.


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