Cellucor C4 Review

With the Different types of fat burner available in the market, the competition is getting tougher and tougher. Here we will review on probably the most used fat burner in America, Cellucor C4 Ripped Pre workout Thermogenic Fat Burner Powder, Pre-workout Energy, Weight Loss, 180 g (6.34 oz), 30 Servings, Cherry Limeade.To burn your Fat faster you can have Cellucor C4 reviews for better and healthy  life.

What is Cellucor C4?

Cellucor C4 is a pre-workout supplement. First released in December of 2014, Cellucor is a brand that exists since 2002. It is an explosive pre-workout formula that is supposed to power you through tough training sessions. Advised to take half an hour earlier before starting a workout, this product gives energy to the body so that one can go through vigorous training. With various supplements that involve quick release of energy, the training sessions will indeed last longer and better. Since it is a pre-work out supplement, one needs to take it before the training so that, by the training starts, one has enough energy and the whole fat burning and energy releasing process starts.


This product contains vitamins which range from vitamin C to different types of vitamin B such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and folic acid. With beta alanine and arginine akg, other ingredients include citric acid, malic acid, calcium silicate, silicon dioxide. It also has green coffee bean extract along with caffeine anhydrous in its different flavors. It also contains creatine nitrate, velvet bean, seed extracts, TeaCor tetramethyl uric acid. Other ingredients include fruit extract, coleus forskolin root extract, sucralose, acesulfame potassium etc.Thus Cellucor C4 contains all this ingrediants.


It is advised to take one scoop of C4 20-30 minutes before the training. Though if in a later period, tolerance level is seen, then another scoop during training can be taken. But two scoop should be the maximum as suggested.

Side effects

Due to a presence of caffeine, some people may face side effects such as nausea, vomiting, light headedness, and insomnia.

Cellucor c4 advantages

this is a pre-workout supplement. With its energy-rich ingredients, it promotes the burning of fats and thus releasing energy which could make a big difference between your regular training sessions and a training session with intake of Cellucor C4. It gives you the boost that you need to go through vigorous and toughest training sessions. Generally, you will get tired after a few hard training sessions the period of which will depend on how your body is built and how much training you have gone through in the past. But with pre-workout formula, no one has the chance to punch above their weights. Cellucor C4 thus provides, the momentum the body needs so that, the body doesn’t get exhausted and one can continue the training without feeling exhausted.

Not to mention, it also works as a fat burner. Since fats are stored in the body when excess carbohydrates are received from food, the reverse process can actually help you in losing the fats. The training sessions do promote the burning of fats hence to overcome the need of energy. Cellucor C4 accelerates this process via enabling the body to go through under more stress so that fat burning process could go longer and more efficiently.

Cellucor C4 Drawback

Though Cellucor C4 does provide the boost energy, it certainly has a few drawbacks. With the presence of caffeine, it enables the body to generate the energy faster but long term use may develop symptoms which will come after multiple uses. Since not many people are accustomed to it, many people can feel nauseated, vomiting after consuming it. Insomnia is also not an uncommon symptom. The presence of beta alanine also has reported making tingling sensation which is though harmless.

Benefits Claimed

Cellucor is a pre workout supplement which claims to help you in the training process in many folds. Firstly, it claims to boost your energy to a level so that your training could go longer and harder. With an intake of Cellucor C4 for few days or weeks, one can see the difference in training which was before the start of taking Cellucor C4 and after the intake of Cellucor C4. It enables the body to go through a much harder workout. Secondly, it also promotes the burning of fats. As training becomes harder and harder, the fats stored in the body is also shredded and hence Cellucor C4 gives an accelerated route to burning of fats accompanied with your hard workout. With ingredients such as l carnitine and green coffee bean extract, it makes itself a suitable supplement for fat loss.

Our verdict

After testing the supplement, we came to the conclusion that, Cellucor C4 does lives up to its hype on a level. One may not see the apparent changes in a very short period of time but as you go through a significant time period, Cellucor does provide its benefits. You can go through a hard workout as you have more energy to gain and can sustain a vigorous training session in a better manner without facing difficulties as you would have had to face without a supplement.

The fat losing aspect is a bit debatable as it is difficult to ascertain whether the fat burning is due to more physical stress or due to the supplement in hand. But one fact is sure. It does indirectly promote the burning of fats. Since you are going through a much harder workout, you’ll need more energy which in turn will burn the fats into carbohydrates and thus makes it available for energy generation by the body. Hence, even if a direct effect is uncertain, the indirect effect on fat burning by Cellucor C4 is evident. On top of that, the apparent thrust of energy can also be felt. With this thrust of energy, one can go through a much longer time in working out.

Our Rating

Though side effects are there, it is rare and in most people, it has no side effects at all thus makes itself as a suitable pre workout supplement.

Hence, we give it a  4.5/5  rating.


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